Where are the police when you need them to help end gun violence

Photo by Maria Lysenko on Unsplash

A few predictions about what life might look like in 2030

In the future all our buildings will have internal ribs like this, I bet. — Photo by Saketh Garuda on Unsplash
  1. Large SUV sales begin to dive as autonomous drone “follow vehicles” become popular. Users of a follow vehicle will be able to pack their belongings into a chase vehicle that will follow you to your destination, especially for long trips. Services will spring up that allow you to rent them short term…

View from a recent hike in the Oakland/Berkeley Hills looking towards Mt. Diablo

Total Eclipse of my h… the Sun. From: astronomy.com
  1. Music: The XX and Bell Biv Devoe have new albums this month. Nile Rodgers even announced a new Chic album! More music to get excited about over at Metacritic.
  2. TV: Veep returns to HBO in April. If you haven’t watched it you can…

  1. You’ve always wanted to be in a car chase? Try: Smashy Road: Wanted for iOS
  2. As I learned this morning, maybe this isn’t the best way to introduce kids to the sweet sounds of James Taylor but as a fan, I LOL’d.
    Stephen Colbert singing ‘Fire & Rain’ with James Taylor (with some updated lyrics).
  3. That other seminal Irish band cancelled their Parisian gig (for good reasons) but Stiff Little Fingers played on.
  4. Say what you will but it’s catchy and the kid can sing:
    What Do You Mean (acoustic) — Justin Bieber
  5. Startup Troll Gear for the startup hater/lover in your life.

We have nice things, let’s make them even better

100% available except when it’s not

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