Where are the police when you need them to help end gun violence

If the day ends in Y, then there has been another shooting in America. It could be violence at a school, a workplace, a drive-by, or a police officer killing a citizen. Guns are a problem, and the problem isn’t going away. …

A few predictions about what life might look like in 2030

Yes, we were promised jet packs and flying cars and … we’re still not going to have them. Even by 2030. I’m sorry, maybe by 2040? However, here are a few of my thoughts on what may transpire in the world of technology, transportation, and politics by 2030.

  1. Large SUV…

The opening of Stevie Nicks ‘Edge of Seventeen’ crackles over an obscured speaker in the surgery center pre-op area. I’m in a recliner with a hairnet on and booties over my shoes. I’m here for a nerve treatment to block pain in my tailbone. …

  1. You’ve always wanted to be in a car chase? Try: Smashy Road: Wanted for iOS
  2. As I learned this morning, maybe this isn’t the best way to introduce kids to the sweet sounds of James Taylor but as a fan, I LOL’d.
    Stephen Colbert singing ‘Fire & Rain’ with James Taylor (with some updated lyrics).
  3. That other seminal Irish band cancelled their Parisian gig (for good reasons) but Stiff Little Fingers played on.
  4. Say what you will but it’s catchy and the kid can sing:
    What Do You Mean (acoustic) — Justin Bieber
  5. Startup Troll Gear for the startup hater/lover in your life.

Happy Friday!

Jason Shellen

Maker of beloved web & mobile products. I've had the pleasure of leading & working with product teams at Twitter, Slack, Pinterest, Boxer, Google & Blogger.

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